Grupo de esquerda faz ‘protesto’ utilizando ‘cabeça decapitada’ de Bolsonaro


Em vídeo publicado nesta segunda-feira (14), o “coletivo de arte e ativismo” de esquerda Indecline faz uma performance onde um grupo joga futebol com a cabeça do presidente Jair Bolsonaro). A peça, que faz parte do projeto Freedom Kick, foi confecionada pelo artista espanhol Eugenio Merino. A publicação causou reação negativa em apoiadores do chefe do Executivo e aplausos de militantes de esquerda.

Além de Bolsonaro, o presidente americano, Donald Trump, e o líder russo Vladimir Putin, também são alvos do protesto que faz alusão à decapitação do presidente eleito do Brasil.

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Latin America has a history with dictators. In particular, the Fifth Brazilian Republic was known for killing dissidents. And Jair Bolsonaro is known for his masturbatory speeches that outline his wet dreams of reinstating this policy. He is offended by homosexuality, feminism and socialism, but gets a real hard-on with every fantasy of violence against his political opponents. But those opponents aren’t so stiff, and they bring both the joy and movement to their resistance that has made Brazilian’s such as Pele an icon the world over. In soccer, a free kick is a chance to stop play for a moment and redress a foul. In democracy, freedom of speech is the illuminating force that stops tyrants from getting away with murder. Like most muscles, it must be exercised or it will wither away. Despots use fear to keep their populations in line. Activists use joy and humor to keep them engaged. It’s an old game, and the score keeps changing, but we all keep playing. Freedom Kick is a chance for us to reset after years of foul play and unsportsmanlike conduct. Although those with power love to tout politics as a game, for so many the stakes are too high to play around. Football has always been a team effort, involving community and organization, while dictatorship is more of a solo sport. Like they say, there is only one ball. That’s a perfect metaphor for our heads of state. And our job is to kick it mercilessly until we find a way to turn each of our individual efforts into a team victory. INDECLINE x @eugeniomerinoestudio

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